The Amicus Way

Undeniable advisory – this defines our name.

Our commitment starts and ends with our word.  We provide our companies with ongoing support, leadership, and counsel to ensure our primary goal of exceeding growth potential.

Unsurpassed healthcare proficiency.

We are healthcare clinicians, executives, and entrepreneurs who not only understand healthcare trends but also play a critical role in creating them.  It is this expertise that uniquely qualifies us to enhance the footing of our companies.

Unrelenting commitment.

We are intensely engaged in the companies we invest in no matter the challenge.  As such, we promote a corporate landscape that encourages collaboration, embracement of ideas, and a commitment to execution that fosters growth goals.

Unbelievable strategy and insights.

As a result of our applied healthcare expertise, we contribute invaluable assets that encourage dialogical exchange as well as focus on increasing growth trajectory.